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More than I expected - Flawless indeed

Any person who had this not work, might try downloading again because it worked perfectly for me - on a 2010 MacMini. I have a boatload of old .wps files from a Windows computer where I was using Works for years - for decades. So I read the reviews, thought about my options, and gave it the old $5 try. Wow ! Not only was the operational dialog window intuitive and clear, it then did exactly as I set up my choices : export as .rtf - “Source as destination folder” - and the two “Keep" date options. Voila ! After the Export button was clicked, very little time went by, it said Successful - and it was. There next to my original file was the .rtf file I asked for. Pages can open it just fine. Hallejulah ! SO . . . after I had moved and “Exported” a few individual files - I decided to give it an acid test. I drag/dropped a whole folder into WPSConvert - figuring that I could just delete any non .wps files. There was no need !!! WPSConvert simply pulled over ONLY the .wps files. I clicked Export All - a small amount of time, and “Successful” came up - I checked my folders - ( Insert huge Smiley Face here !! ) - Every old .wps file now had right next to it an .rtf file. This old-engineer-fart, who wrote Fortran programs more than 50 years ago, and was dreading the hours and hassles of file conversion - is going to go have a beer and sit in his backyard instead.

Doesnt work!

I have a brand new Mac Book Pro, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3. I cant drag a file or add a file. It flashes and then nothign happens. Waste of money!

Thank you for this great solution

After spending quite a while trying to find a way to get some .WPS and .XLR files off of a flash drive this app came to save the day. Works as advertised and worth every penny. Thanks you to the developer for this great app.

Great App!!

I first started using MS Works for my business in the 1980’s. I have thousands of .wks files that I could no longer open after I switched everything to MAC. Then came 'Works Converter’. Folks it works (no pun intended). I’ve been opening .wks files from the mid 90’s and am seeing my life pass before me. A++++++++

Very simple operation!

This app loaded itself into my Apps directory, opened very quickly & simply, & rapidly converted the 3 files I needed! Shazam! As easy as falling off a log.


I had my doubts but after purchasing I would say that it is well worth the money. I was stuck on a project because I could not open it on my laptop, but this app allowed me to not only open the file but it also allowed me to make changes and do everything I needed to do. When I opened the file after using the app, the formatting was slightly off, but nothing that a few changes couldnt fix. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I recommend this app.

Absoluely amazing!

i just got all my files put onto my Mac from my old PC and I was disappointed to discover that all my files were in wps. However, I bought this app for a mere $4.99 and I have all my files available now! This app is so easy to use, and works very well. 5 out of 5, certainly!


There are several converters in the app store. I chose this one because it doesn’t just open the files, it 1. Converts them directly to .doc files, and 2. *with no loss of formatting.* None of the other converters I saw do either of these things. I am a college writing instructor, and I do a lot of work online. Students submit files that I later open and print. No matter what I say about Save As and submitting .doc or .rtf, there are always some .wps files. Nothing on earth opened .wps files. Running after students to convert their files is a pain. Now I can just convert them myself!

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